Charity foundation
We do our best to enhance the quality of children's lives
Charity foundation
We do our best to enhance the quality of children's lives
About foundation
"Coordinates of Kindness Foundation" is an international charity project, which raises awareness of children's health and provides funds to help children in difficult life situations. Our mission is to act fast and targeted to make sure that either diagnostic, treatment or rehabilitation is provided in a timely manner and we are proud to be working in aid of National Medical Research Center for Children's Health.

Every child is precious and we would like to ensure that we are there to help them build quality life in a good health. Together we have greater chances to save lives and to provide better future for children in Russia and beyond. We work side by side with inspiring and inspired people: our supporters, sponsors, patrons and friends of our charity, who are grateful for a chance to be a contribution in children's brighter future and are passionate about our charity work.

National Medical Research
Centre for Children's Health
The Research Center is over 250 years old. It is one of the most recognized institutions in Russia dedicated to both preventive health and medical support for children of all ages.

Its' history goes back to XVIII century, when it was launched as children's hospital under the patronage of Imperial Moscow foster home. The hospital had been founded according to the Manifesto of Catherine II on September 1st, 1763.

Today the Research Centre is operating 24/7 and is structured in a way, that both scientific and practical medical tasks are resolved on multidisciplinary level, including diseases' prevention, diagnostics, high-tech treatment and rehabilitation. It employs the best specialists across all disciplines; most of them are highly recognized professionals both in Russia and worldwide, as well as equipped according to the highest international standards.

Currently need help
Sebastian, 8 years old
In February Sebastian has got removed brain tumour. Analysis revealed that this type of cancer is called Ependymoma. At this moment he is being treated in USA. For further treatment is required 50 000
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